June 28, 2024

How to Enjoy Bali Sunset: A Guide from Local

A guide to enjoy sunset in Bali

Bali is already famous worldwide for its amazing beaches. The beaches in Bali offer a wide range of diverse landscapes from volcanic black sands, golden shores, to white sandy beaches. Beyond the natural beauty of Bali’s beaches, the island hides an extraordinary beauty that everyone should know.

A guide to enjoy sunset in Bali

Key Takeaways

  • You can expect the sunset in Bali between 5.30 PM and 6 PM local time depending on the month.
  • There are a lot of places in Bali where you can enjoy the sunset.

For us, the beauty of Bali relies on their sunset. The Bali sunset is one of the best sunsets in the world. No wonder that Bali is listed as one of the best sunsets in the world. But now you may ask, how to enjoy Bali Sunset and what is the best place to enjoy sunset in Bali?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! As a local restaurant who understands where is the best experience you can get in Bali, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus will introduce you to some guides on how to enjoy the Bali sunset. So make sure to read this article!

Why Sunset in Bali is Amazing?

As a frequent traveler to Bali, I can confidently say that the island's sunsets are a sight to behold. Each evening offers a new masterpiece of colors that you can't find anywhere else. Whether you're watching from the serene cliffs of Uluwatu or the bustling shores of Kuta Beach, the experience is nothing short of magical.

~Rio Saputra~

Did you know that Bali is known for its amazing sunset that is beautiful when you look at it? Of course there is something really special about sunset in Bali. The reason why sunset in Bali is beautiful because where Bali is located, the island itself is located close to the equator. This makes the sun in Bali set quickly and the sky will show its mesmerizing color.

Other things that make Bali sunset beautiful are also supported by the fact that Bali has natural riches that no one can beat. From mountains, cliffs, and coastlines, Bali is able to create the whole sunset scene more stunning than you ever expect.

According to Club Med, a French company that operates in the resort sector and experts in the travel industry, listed Bali as the happiest holiday destination in the world. This title is proven by how amazing the sunset in Bali is.

Imagine a combination between beautiful colors painting the sky like a masterpiece with the shades of orange, pink, and gold, the sea that reflects every color in the sky perfectly, and the laid-back vibes with green scenery surroundings. This adds an extra layer of the magical sunset itself that is already amazing.

Of course the sunset in Balis is inspiring. It’s too good not to share it on your Instagram or any social media, talk about it to your friends, and enjoy it to the fullest. After a day full of activities, you kick back and soak on the sandy beach under the sunset,

Moreover, the mix of calm beach, the waves of the Indian ocean, and the swaying palm trees, is what makes sunset in Bali amazing. Once the ocean turns into a golden yellow, it’s a sight that you won’t ever forget. That’s why we say that sunset in Bali is such a masterpiece.

What is the Best Time to Enjoy Sunset in Bali?

So, what is the best time to spot and enjoy the sunset in Bali? You might be confused on what time you should visit your favorite spot. But don’t worry, as your friendly local friends, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus will tell you when is the best time to enjoy the sunset in Bali.

A brief explanation about Bali’s timezone. Indonesia has three different time zones, Western, Central, and Eastern. Bali sits on the Central Indonesia Time Zone which is roughly UTC+08.00 GMT because it’s closer to the equator.

Okay, how about the sunset time in Bali? You can expect the sunset in Bali between 5.30 PM and 6 PM local time depending on the month.

For more details, you can ask the local authorities or friendly local people in Bali. But there is one tip we’ll give to you to make sure you can enjoy the best sunset in Bali.

Come to your favorite place as early as possible so you can “book” the best spot in your favorite sunset-spotting place in Bali. This is important as you won’t need to fight for the best spot from crowded tourists who also want to enjoy the sunset. And don’t forget to snap some awesome photos too!

Best Places to Enjoy Bali Sunset

Bali's sunsets are more than just a visual treat; they're a cultural experience. Watching the sun dip below the horizon while enjoying a traditional Kecak dance at Uluwatu Temple or savoring oysters at Batu Belig Beach combines natural beauty with local traditions and flavors, making it an unforgettable experience.

~Rio Saputra~

Let’s move on to the best places to enjoy and witness the memorable sunset show of Bali. Actually, Bali is the only place where you can find a sunset spot almost anywhere on the island since Bali is located near the equator. But of course not all of them are the best spot to view the sunset in Bali. To make your experience 100% better, here are the best places to enjoy the sunset in Bali according to us.

1. Uluwatu Temple

Let’s start the list with Uluwatu Temple. Located on top of a steep cliff, this temple is surrounded by the ocean below with waves crashing into each other. Besides the temple right next to it, there is an Amphitheatre with the Kecak dance show almost daily. But we’re here not only for the Kecak dance show.

The sunset view of Uluwatu Temple is already amazing to witness. Imagine you spot the sunset just on the edge of the cliffs nearby and witness when the sun goes down, it will be a moment for you to remember forever.

But there’s more than just the cliffs that Uluwatu Temple offers. Remember when we mentioned that There’s Kecak dance show at Uluwatu Temple earlier? According to Girlswanderlust, it turns out that the show actually starts around sunset time.

Yes! You can watch the amazing Kecak dance show with an amazing sunset view in the background! It’s really great and unforgettable isn’t it? To experience this, you can buy the tickets directly at the temple or book a tour in advance for entrance tickets for the show. But of course we recommend you to arrive a few hours before the show starts to get the ticket as quickly as possible.

2. Pura Lempuyang Luhur

Sunset in Pura Lempuyang Luhur, Bali

Another temple to visit and spot the sunset is Pura Lempuyang Luhur. Located in Karangasem, this temple is also one of the best places to spot sunset in Bali. But to get the best view, you have to climb to the top level.

Pura Lempuyang Luhur known for its thousand ladder steps. You need to climb a thousand steps to arrive at the best spot of this place. But once you get to the top level, your struggle will be paid off.

Once you get to the top of Pura Lempuyang Luhur, you will feel like you’re standing above the clouds. If you’re lucky enough to get there when the weather is clear, you can witness the amazing sunset of Bali with Mount Agung at the same time. This makes your experience of witnessing the Bali sunset memorable.

3. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach, the famous and the busiest beach on the island. Of course we should include this beach on the list. This beach has held the title as one of the best sunset spots in Bali. This is why Kuta Beach became famous overtime.

You can enter the beach for free and you will find a lot of cafes and restaurants nearby. Furthermore, you will find a shopping mall just nearby the beach. This shows how strategic this beach is.

But there’s something you should pay attention to. Kuta Beach is also listed as one of the most crowded beaches in Bali. Living up to its name, tourists came to Kuta Beach to witness the great Bali sunset from this beach. Of course you need to arrive at this beach earlier to get to the best spot.

4. Batu Belig Beach

Next in our list is Batu Belig Beach. Located in Kerobokan, North Kuta, this beach is a hidden gem you should know. This brown sandy beach offers a more calm and laid-back vibe. It’s less crowded than Kuta Beach so you can have your own space on this beach.

This beach faces west, making it ideal for the sunset-spotting in Bali. You can witness the panoramic view of sunset when the sun slowly sinks into the ocean. Moreover, Batu Belig Beach is also a sloping beach, which means that you can witness the sunset without any obstacles.

For us as a local, we love to enjoy sunset from Batu Belig Beach by laying down on the brown sand and witnessing the sunset while slowly closing our eyes, making it the perfect way to end our days before savoring the delicious oyster at the restaurant we will mention next.

5. Oyster Dealer Beach Haus

enjoying sunset at Oyster Dealer Beach Haus Bali

Next in our list is Oyster Dealer Beach Haus. This one is a little bit different from our previous list because this is a restaurant with the best ambience to enjoy the Bali sunset.

Located just right at the Batu Belig Beach, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus brings a whole new level to enjoy the sunset in Bali. Here, you can witness the sunset with a slow living ambience and calm atmosphere while savoring exotic cuisine.

Oyster Dealer Beach Haus offers a wide range of food, but they are always known for their oysters. From Pacific Oyster, Canadian Oyster, Senpoushi Oyster, Korean Oyster, Maine Pacific Oyster, Kumamoto Oyster, and many more, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus offers an enjoyable gastronomy experience while enjoying the sunset in Bali.

Moreover, they also offer some high quality spirits to enjoy while watching the sunset. From local craft beers, their classic cocktails and signature cocktails, champagne, wine, even mocktails, will accompany you ending your day in Bali.

Since it’s located at Batu Belig Beach, of course Oyster Dealer Beach Haus has the best view of Bali sunset.

Make sure to visit our site to learn more about Oyster Dealer Beach Haus. 

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