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The Beauty and Best Sunset Batu Belig Beach: A Guide from Locals

When we speak about Bali, we know that Bali has a lot of natural beauty to offer. Furthermore, Bali is also listed as the second most popular destination from all around the world according to TripAdvisors.

Batu Belig Beach is truly a hidden gem in Bali. Its serene atmosphere and best sunset Batu Belig views make it a perfect escape from the more crowded beaches. The experience of watching the sun dip into the ocean here is unparalleled.

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The Beauty of Sunset in Batu Belig

Key Takeaways

  • Batu Belig Beach located in Kerobokan area, near Seminyak Beach in Northern Kuta. 
  • The Batu Belig Beach faces west, creating a panoramic view of the sunset into the middle of the ocean.

For travelers from around the globe, Bali is their dream destination to visit. From green scenery, cultural richness, wide range of delicious delights, even the beautiful beaches that you can find in every corner of the island.

Talking about beaches, Kuta is always the number one on the list. Everyone said that sunset in Kuta is always unforgettable. But did you know that Bali is more than just Kuta? There are a lot of beaches you can explore in Bali. Furthermore, a lot of beaches in Bali have their own attractions, especially for their sunset view. One of the beaches we will discuss is Batu Belig Beach.

For us, Batu Belig Beach is a hidden gem you should know. That’s why as a local, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus will bring you some guides about Batu Belig Beach and why sunset at this beach is always stunning to see. Read this article to know more about Batu Belig Beach!

Why You Should Visit Batu Belig Beach

There are too many beaches in Bali, no wonder that tourists sometimes can't name every beach on the island. We’re pretty sure that this is the first time you hear about this beach.

Batu Belig Beach exemplifies the tranquil beauty of Bali’s coastline. Its westward-facing orientation offers breathtaking sunsets that attract visitors seeking a more relaxed and intimate beach experience.

Batu Belig Beach is located in Kerobokan area, near Seminyak Beach in Northern Kuta. This is one of the most strategically-located beaches in Bali.

Unfamiliar with the name of Batu Belig Beach? That’s fine! This is why we call Batu Belig Beach the hidden gem of Bali. Batu Belig Beach got its name because in the past, this beach was filled with coral reefs with slippery surfaces. Over time, the rock is no longer there and all that remains is a stretch of brown sand.

You might know Kuta as the hot spot of Bali, Balangan Beach to surf, or Canggu Beach for the lively nightlife.

But Batu Belig Beach has different things to offer, the beauty of their sunset views. This is the main reason why we recommend you to visit Batu Belig Beach. But we will talk more about the sunset at Batu Belig Beach later.

With a brown shade of sandy beach, Batu Belig Beach is also a calm beach where it’s less crowded, even almost crowdless, from any other beaches around. This makes Batu Belig Beach the perfect place if you want to take a rest and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali while sunbathing.

If you love surfing, you will love this beach too. Batu Belig Beach is a good beach to surf because it has great waves for surfing. Furthermore, you can do some extreme sports too in here but still need to pay attention to the safety.

But our recommendation to do it on Batu Belig Beach is to lay down on their brown sand and sunbathing with more laid-back and slow living vibes. Additionally, you can also do some sports at Batu Belig Beach, such as jogging, playing volleyball, beach football, and even flying a kite.

Don’t worry, you will also find some street food stalls around Batu Belig Beach. You can also reach out to the restaurants around the Batu Belig Beach for some delicious dishes.

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The Best Sunset Batu Belig Beach

Now we talk about Batu Belig Beach and their sunset. The charm of this beach lies around the moment when the sun goes down. The beauty of sunset on the western horizon of Bali is the most anticipated moment for tourists from all around the world.

The Batu Belig Beach faces west, creating a panoramic view of the sunset into the middle of the ocean. In addition, Batu Belig Beach is a sloping beach, this makes Batu Belig Beach the perfect spot to view the sunset because you can witness it clearly. This is the reason why Batu Belig Beach is known for their special sunset view.

Now with the less crowded beach. Batu Belig Beach offers laid-back ambience and calm so you can enjoy the sunset peacefully. Furthermore, you can recline on the sandy shores of Batu Belig Beach and immerse yourself under the beauty of the dusk, painting the sky like an art from God.

How to Reach Batu Belig Beach

Batu Belig Beach is located in Batu Belig Street, Kerobokan Village, North Kuta, Badung Regency. If you come from Melasti road, go straight and then turn left. After that, continue straight to Jalan Raya Seminyak until Jalan Raya Basangkasa, and then turn left to Jalan Raya Taman. Go straight and then go to Jalan Raya Kerobokan. Follow the direction of Petitengen and then continue straight for around 1.5 km and you will see Batu Belig Beach on the right side of the road.

If you come from Kuta, you have to travel around 21.5 km distance or approximately one hour drive from Kuta Beach. So if you start your journey from Kuta Beach, go to Ngurah Rai Bypass Road. Take the Nusa Dua road to the airport and pass the Mandara Toll Road. And then you can head north on Buni Sari road to Kuta Theater road, and then head to Melasti Road and follow the path we mentioned earlier.

While on the road to Batu Belig Beach, you can enjoy your trip because you will be accompanied by the beautiful scenery of Bali.

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What is the Best Restaurant at Batu Belig Beach?

Oyster Dealer Beach Haus is the Best Restaurant at Batu Belig Beach

There are several restaurants you can find around Batu Belig Beach. But how about the best restaurant to enjoy sunset at Batu Belig Beach? As a local, we will give you a recommendation you should visit. 

We recommend you to visit Oyster Dealer Beach Haus. Located at Jl. Pantai Batu Belig No. 14. Kuta Utara, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus sit on the Batu Belig Beach and near the Seminyak Beach. This makes Oyster Dealer Beach Haus the perfect place to enjoy sunset at Batu Belig Beach. Additionally, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus is also an up and coming favorite destination from tourists from all over the world according to Medcom.

Oyster Dealer Beach Haus offers a wide range of food, but they are always known for their oysters. From Pacific Oyster, Canadian Oyster, Senpoushi Oyster, Korean Oyster, Maine Pacific Oyster, Kumamoto Oyster, and many more, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus offers an enjoyable gastronomy experience while enjoying the sunset in Bali.

Oyster Dealer Beach Haus also has a wide range of liquors, such as signature cocktails, champagne, wine, local craft beer,even the non-alcoholic ones such as soft drinks and mocktails.

Talking about the sunset, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus offers a more laid-back vibe with a live DJ right when the sun goes down, making it perfect to end your day. In addition, Oyster Dealer Beach Haus also has the best seat to view the sunset at Batu Belig Beach. As locals, we really enjoy watching the sunset from Oyster Dealer Beach Haus because they have the best view with the great food to enjoy.

Make sure to visit our site to learn more about Oyster Dealer Beach Haus. 

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