December 4, 2023

15 Non-Alcoholic Colorful Mocktail You Can Try at Home

Are you looking for recipes for colorful mocktails? Are you searching for a fun drink that matches the theme of your party? Or perhaps you just enjoy sipping on vibrant, colorful beverages.


Key Takeaways

  • It’s a usual thing to have beer, wine, and other spirits for any party. But a thoughtful host or hostess should always make room for a pitcher of non-alcoholic drinks, such as mocktails.
  • There are 15 non-alcoholic colorful mocktails you can choose and try at home. Of course, these mocktails are perfect for any occasion.


Whether it's a gathering, a birthday celebration, a potluck, or a festive occasion like Christmas or Valentine's Day, preparing a big batch of tasty mocktails can make things easier. Both grown-ups and kids can relish a tasty and eye-catching glass of mocktail as it in the party. Regardless of why you're looking for a lively and captivating drink, we have a variety for you to pick from.

It’s a usual thing to have beer, wine, and other spirits for any party. But a thoughtful host or hostess should always make room for a pitcher of non-alcoholic drinks. This way, everyone, including those who don't drink, kids, pregnant women, and new mothers, can join in the fun.

These drinks are simply irresistible when served in tall, attractive, and chilled glasses. Nobody can resist a refreshing glass of a delicious mix on a scorching summer day. If you're looking to avoid extra calories, want to skip the hangover the next day, or just want to save some cash, mocktails are perfect for you.

We've sorted through all of our delightful mocktails and luckily, there are many recipes to choose from. And in case you can't decide, you can always go with classic lemonade, lime juice, and some sliced strawberries in a fancy cup. So here it is, we've put together a list of colorful mocktails and how to make a fancy mocktail for you to enjoy.


Sunrise Mocktail Recipe

Mocktail Sunrise Orange

The drink gets its name from its appearance, as the gradation of red to light orange is said to look like a sunrise. It's a stunning layered drink that imitates the colors of a summer sunrise, and you can easily create a mocktail version of this timeless beverage.

This delightful non-alcoholic drink only needs 3-5 ingredients. It's cool, refreshing, and not just simple to prepare but also visually appealing. You can adjust it according to your taste preferences without any hassle.

All you need is a tall glass or a champagne flute. Fill it about three-quarters of the way with equal parts of orange juice and alcohol-free sparkling wine. Then, pour in a bit of grenadine to achieve the sunrise effect, and top it off with an orange slice and a cherry for that extra touch. It's a quick, straightforward, and utterly delicious treat.


The Shirley Temple

This is a classic drink that can take you back to your childhood days. It's that bright red, delightful Shirley Temple, a favorite of every kid. Even as time goes by, you still find yourself going back to this beloved childhood drink now and then.

Shirley Temple has become a regular feature in the mocktail menu of many restaurants. It's a quick, easy, cheerful, and sweet drink that's just perfect for any kind of celebration or special occasion, be it summer parties, backyard barbecues, holidays, and more. And let's not forget how adorable it looks in a glass.

Not only do they taste delicious and look pretty, but they are also very simple to make. Just mix some lemon-lime soda with the juice from a jar of maraschino cherries, pour the mixture over ice, and finish it off with an orange slice and a cherry. Simple as that!


Virgin Margarita

Here's a popular bar favorite, the Margarita, but in its non-alcoholic version, since we're talking about mocktails here. These drinks are known for being sweet, tangy, and refreshing, giving off a lively and zesty vibe. Now you can whip up this drink with just a few simple ingredients in a jiffy.

This sweet, tangy, and invigorating virgin margarita can be made easily, either by the glass or in a pitcher. It's a delicious mocktail that everyone can relish! To make this, You'll need some lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup, kosher salt, and orange juice to get that perfect blend.

The best thing about making your mocktail is that you can customize it according to your taste. Craving something sweeter, tarter, or tangier? You can easily adjust the ingredients to match your preference.


The Virgin Mojito

mojito-style drink

Mint Limeade, also known as Virgin Mojitos, is a delightful homemade limeade infused with the freshness of mint, resulting in an incredibly satisfying taste. It's the ideal non-alcoholic beverage to jazz up any celebration! We can say that this is an easy mocktail recipe you can try.

This revitalizing mojito-style drink is typically crafted for warmer days and served in a tall glass filled with ice. While the classic mojito contains rum, sugar or simple syrup, fresh lime juice, soda water, and fresh mint, the alcohol-free version only requires lime, lime juice, mint leaves, soda, and simple syrup. A virgin mojito offers a fantastic non-alcoholic mocktail experience, boasting the invigorating flavors of fresh mint, zesty lime juice, balanced sweetness, and the effervescence of club soda.

The fizzy sensation is enhanced with the addition of club soda, and it merely takes 5 minutes to create this incredible drink. Should you need more, you can easily double or triple the quantities to prepare a larger batch for bigger gatherings.


Sparkling Ginger Cranberry Mocktail

Searching for a mocktail that fits your colder weather? This one will fit your needs. Bring some sparkle with a delightful Sparkling Ginger Cranberry mocktail! This fizzy non-alcoholic drink, crafted with only two ingredients, is a hit with both adults and children. You can whip up a single serving or easily prepare a whole pitcher. While you can enjoy it any time of the year, the flavors are particularly delightful during colder weather. It's a versatile option, and when served with a sugared orange rim, it becomes an absolute showstopper for any celebration!

This mocktail recipe is also easy to make. To create the orange sugar for the glass rims, simply combine granulated sugar with zest from an orange. For the mocktail itself, you'll need unsweetened cranberry juice, ginger beer (despite its name, it's non-alcoholic), and some fresh cranberries for that finishing touch.

It's incredibly simple yet undeniably delicious. If the cranberry is too tart or the ginger beer too spicy, you can always add a touch of apple juice or orange juice for some extra balance.


Gummy Bear Mocktail

Looking for a mocktail that absolutely will steal kid's attention? You can try to put a gummy bear mocktail on your list. No need to worry, it's a simple mocktail recipe that you can recreate on every occasion or even wherever you are, as long as you have the gummy bear.

What child doesn't adore the delightful combination of sparkling apple cider and gummy bears? These mocktails are incredibly simple, needing just three ingredients. They are sweet, vibrant, and fizzy, making them the perfect celebratory drink for kids on occasions like New Year's Eve, Christmas, or birthday parties! If you have older kids, you can even involve them in the fun of making these drinks.

Begin by placing one gummy bear of each color onto 8 plastic swizzle sticks. To do this, carefully pierce each gummy bear with a toothpick, allowing you to easily thread the swizzle stick through each one.

Next, coat the rims of stemless champagne flutes with granulated sugar. Then, fill each glass with sparkling cider. Finally, add in the gummy bear swizzle stick and a playful straw to create a wonderfully easy and enjoyable mocktail for the little ones.


The Mermaid Water

If you're not a fan of oranges and cherries in your mocktails, you might want to give Mermaid Water a try. This Hawaiian Mocktail Recipe offers a playful and enjoyable way to treat your guests without much hassle. It's the perfect addition to your upcoming summer barbecue or Hawaiian luau party!

To make this delightful drink, you'll only need some pineapple juice, blue syrup or soda, and berry-flavored soda. That's all it takes. The trick to getting this drink just right is to pour each juice carefully, creating a captivating layered effect. There's no need for extra garnishes, but serving it in a clear cup will make the colors pop. As the two liquids combine slightly, they create a stunning ombre effect while still maintaining their separation from the pineapple juice.


The Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

You can create an irresistible strawberry daiquiri without needing any rum! While some may mistake a strawberry daiquiri for a simple smoothie, this is quite far from the truth. A strawberry daiquiri offers a distinct cocktail experience in a glass, even without any alcohol involved!

Lively and packed with fruity flavors, a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri is a simple, non-alcoholic frozen drink that's incredibly refreshing and perfect for savoring on those long, scorching summer evenings or afternoons! This family-friendly mocktail version ensures that everyone can delight in its delicious taste!

To make a delicious strawberry daiquiri mocktail, begin with real frozen strawberries. Opt for pre-sliced frozen strawberries as they tend to blend more easily. Simple syrup contributes a sweet taste to the daiquiri and elevates the flavor of the berries. Following that, the combination of lemon and lime juice adds the distinctive flavors that set a daiquiri apart. Sprite further enhances the lemon-lime notes and imparts a delightful fizzy texture to the mocktail. It's this fizzy quality that distinguishes it as a daiquiri rather than just a smoothie.

All you need to do is gather all the ingredients and toss them into a blender. Blend everything until it's smooth, and then pour the frosty daiquiri into a generously sized glass.


Blueberry Lemonade

Blueberry Syrup with Lemon

We all know about how good lemonade is, but do you know about blueberry lemonade? A glass of blueberry lemonade on a hot summer day will make you more relaxed and feel refreshed. The sweet and tart combination makes it more dynamic. Of course, it will be a family favorite.

To make this refreshing blueberry lemonade, the ingredients you need are blueberries, lemons, sugar, and water. Begin by preparing the blueberry syrup and letting it cool. Squeeze the fresh lemon juice, and then combine it with water. Mix in the blueberry syrup with the lemon and water until you achieve your preferred level of sweetness.


Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Having a pitcher of this delightful sangria is an absolute necessity if you're planning a gathering. This particular version is non-alcoholic, ensuring it caters to all non-drinkers, including kids who simply adore it. It's a playful drink teeming with assorted fruit slices. For children, a glass of sangria resembles a fruity juice, making it an appealing choice.

You'll incorporate the usual fruity elements such as orange and lemon juice, along with slices of oranges, grapes, and apples. Instead of wine, you'll use a blend of cranberry juice, sparkling grapefruit juice, and flavored tea (just make sure it's caffeine-free). This pitcher of sangria is perfect for special occasions like Valentine's Day or Christmas, or simply for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day.


Blue Lagoon Mocktail

Looking for a quick and revitalizing drink? Look no further than this impressive three-ingredient blue lagoon mocktail. Its delightful citrus taste and striking blue color are sure to be a hit with everyone!

All you need for this drink are three simple ingredients: blue curacao syrup, lemon juice, and lime soda. Just mix them and top it off with a lemon garnish and a fun straw. Watch as your kids' eyes light up with excitement when you hand it to them.

You can prepare the glass rims and squeeze the lemon juice beforehand, but it's best to mix up the drink just before serving. This ensures that the Sprite retains its fizziness. Here's a tip: Chill all the ingredients before making the drink. This way, you'll need less ice, keeping the drink cooler for longer.


Passion Fruit Mojito Mocktail

Passion fruit is known for its delightful combination of sweetness and slight tartness. Its flavor is often described as a blend of mango and lime, with a subtle floral note that adds to its unique appeal. Overall, the sweet yet tangy taste of passion fruit makes it a perfect choice for a mojito.

For a refreshing passion fruit mojito mocktail, gather passion fruit, fresh mint leaves, brown sugar, lime juice, soda, and ice. Combine these ingredients in a muddler just as you would for any well-crafted cocktail. Get ready to fall in love with the tropical essence of this exceptional mojito mocktail recipe!


The Virgin Pina Colada

Pina Colada is usually made from white rum, pineapple juice, and cream of the coconut as the main star. So does Virgin Pina Colada, but without the booze. So it's safe to serve for the kids

All you need for Virgin Pina Colada is frozen pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, lime juice, sweetened coconut milk, and rum extract. 

To begin, grab any type of blender you have on hand. Pour in your cream of coconut, pineapple juice, lime juice, rum extract, and molasses. Then, toss in your frozen pineapple chunks, and that's all there is to it—just blend away.

You can enjoy the drink straight away, and it'll taste fantastic. However, if you can spare even just half an hour, it's worth taking this extra step: Freeze the blended piña colada for approximately 30-45 minutes, and then give it another quick blend before serving.


Apple Martini (Appletini) Mocktail

This simple appletini mocktail recipe is a non-alcoholic version of the classic apple martini, and it tastes delicious. It's crafted with the same basic ingredients as the original (minus the vodka and apple schnapps, of course!), but it retains that stunning green color that looks so striking in a martini glass.

You'll only need three ingredients for this recipe: apple juice, lemon juice, and green apple syrup, along with some ice cubes. Just pour the apple juice, lemon juice, and green apple syrup into a cocktail shaker or mixing cup. Add a few ice cubes, then shake or stir everything until it's nicely chilled and well-blended. Finally, pour it into a martini glass and enjoy!


Watermelon Lime Mocktail

Introducing the two-ingredient, effortless, and incredibly refreshing watermelon mocktail that has been our go-to this summer. The ingredients for this mocktail recipe couldn't be more straightforward. All you need is some water, frozen watermelon, and lime juice.

To prepare these delightful watermelon mocktails, take a lime wedge and run it around the rims of your chosen serving glasses. Set the glasses aside until you're ready to use them. In a blender, combine the frozen watermelon chunks, lime juice, and water. Cover and blend everything until it's smooth, adding more water as needed to help the blender along and achieve a wonderfully thick slushie-like consistency. Pour the blended mixture into your serving glasses, add a lime slice for garnish if you like, and then it's time to sit back, sip, and enjoy!

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