May 29, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Craft Cocktails

things to know when crafting cocktails

Sometimes, you might get tired ordering the same classic cocktails all the time, right? Why don't you try craft cocktails instead for a better experience enjoying cocktails?

things to know when crafting cocktails

Key Takeaways

  • A craft cocktail is a cocktail that's created by prioritizing the quality, flavor, process, and creativity.
  • If you want to make a craft cocktail, consider using the best equipment, freshest natural ingredients, and think about the presentation.

Craft cocktails have become an up and coming trend. It's a thing that's hype nowadays and you should know about this trend too to find a different way to enjoy cocktails. The good news is, you can make it at home too!

In this article, we'll guide you to the world of craft cocktails. In addition, we as cocktail enthusiasts and experts at craft cocktails will tell you some of the tips you should know when you make a craft cocktail at home. Make sure to read this article!

What is a Craft Cocktail?

So, what is a craft cocktail? As a cocktail enthusiasts and mixologist from the best cocktail bar in Jakarta, we defined craft cocktail as a cocktail that's created by prioritizing the quality, flavor, process, and creativity. Usually, craft cocktails are known for using high quality ingredients that are fresh and created with specialized technique.

Also known as artisan cocktails, this type of cocktail is an upscale and upgraded version of classic cocktails. The difference is craft cocktails use curated ingredients with more detail-oriented craft in the process and a high quality technique.

These craft cocktails are often characterized by their uniqueness, new kind of flavors, and a visually appealing presentation. It's also supported by the glassware and garnishes in a glass of cocktail that make it look great.

The art of craft cocktails has evolved into a captivating experience for every cocktail enthusiast. The blend of flavor, creative process, and the presentation, that's what makes craft cocktails popular and become one of the trend.

History of the Classic Craft Cocktails

history of crafting cocktails

Even though craft cocktails just became a hype recently, it has a long history behind. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the alcohol prohibition act impacted the bar that serves booze.

Because of this prohibition act, bars and mixologists became more creative to overcome this law. Behind the secret bars, with limited alcohol, the mixologists try to be experimental to create a good booze.

At that time, alcoholic beverages are mixed with chemicals, making it undrinkable for everyone. To adapt to these situations, mixologists and bootleggers are trying to get creative to neutralize the chemicals.

They're trying to mask the flavor of these alcohol with juices and other ingredients. With the addition of smuggled liquors, they're able to create the early craft cocktails, such as Daiquiri, Bee's Knees, and Last Word.

After a brief downfall post World War II, the craft cocktail scene rose again in the late 80s, or as we know it as the modern craft cocktail movement.

The revival of craft cocktails was led by Dale DeGrof, a celebrity bartender from New York. Marks by a new creation of craft cocktail, inspired by prohibition-era cocktails but using fresh and high quality ingredients.

At the same time, the Cosmopolitan cocktail trend was also rising with the use of fresh fruits. This was also supported by the rise of several celebrity bartenders under the teaching of Dale DeGroff that continued the movement in the 2000s.

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Why are Craft Cocktails Popular?

So, why is craft cocktail popular among the cocktail lovers? Here are some of the reasons why craft cocktails are popular.

1. Ingredients

Craft cocktail is famous for its use of high quality ingredients and finest spirits. Furthermore, every craft cocktail ingredient must be fresh. So instead of using instant juices, mixologists or bartenders will use fresh fruits for their cocktails.

This is important because we will not extract the juices from the ingredients or fruits, but we're trying to get the essence of the fruit itself to bring the best flavor from craft cocktail.

2. Presentation

According to a craft cocktail specialist, Flying Embers, who's also one of the leading craft cocktail brand, we understand that a bartender or mixologist will take an extra time to make the presentation of a craft cocktail as beautiful as possible.

They will consider glass selection, garnishes even how many ice cubes they want to put into the glass. We know that they will give extra attention to details.

3. Creativity

We can see craft cocktails as a form of art. This is because every mixologist tried to make a cocktail like rocket science. They are trying to improve the cocktails with the combination of high quality ingredients, mixed with beautiful presentation.

Furthermore, every mixologist who's making it loves to experiment with unusual ingredients and techniques to create new craft cocktails to enjoy. It's a playground for every mixologist to show their best works rather than creating classic cocktails.

4. Techniques

Because it's an experimental cocktail with high quality ingredients, craft cocktails take skill and techniques to make one. It requires a high level of knowledge and skill to make one.

Craft cocktails are more advanced so every mixologist tries to give attention to detail and make sure of the success of the cocktail. Some of the mixologists also dive deeper to research about what is the best way to create a craft cocktail.

Tips on Creating a Craft Cocktail at Home

crafting cocktails tips

If you're interested in creating your own craft cocktail, here are some tips from a cocktail dealer like us you can follow.

1. Invest on the Right Equipment

First, you need to make craft cocktails with the right tools. You will need a blender, measuring cups, spoons, lemon juicer or muddler, and any other utensils.

Make sure you get the most durable and high-quality ones instead of the cheapies for the best result.

2. Use High Quality and Fresh Ingredients

Not only the equipment, you also need to pay attention to the ingredients. A good craft cocktail only uses fresh and high quality ingredients. Pick the freshest ingredients to improve the taste.

3. Good Presentation is a Must

Presentation is a key for craft cocktails. That's why, you should consider the glass shape, color of your cocktail, and the garnishes. Also, you will consider the right straw to make your craft cocktail beautiful.

4. Try Create a Signature Cocktail Recipes

Once you have a grasp about craft cocktails, you can try to mix and match with your own creativity to create a signature craft cocktail.

The key is to experiment over and over again because it will take a little bit of some trial and error as you try to make it.

Best Place to Enjoy Craft Cocktails in Jakarta

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