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Family Beach Recommendation For Your Family in Bali

Family holidays, especially those by the white sand beach, are eagerly anticipated moments. If you're planning a family getaway, Bali is a must-consider destination.

Renowned for its breathtaking beaches, Bali offers a paradise for families with kids seeking an amazing beach experience.

The island is particularly famous for its various beach tourism spots, featuring many attractive white sand beaches.

Family Beach Recommendation in Bali

Key Takeaways:

  • There are several criteria to determine the best family beach in Bali: Beautiful sand, safe for kids, and easy parking access.
  • If you visit Batu Belig Beach, we recommend that you and your family relax at Oyster Dealer Beach Haus Bali.

Nevertheless, with a multitude of beaches to choose from, deciding on the right one for your day out or your stay location can be overwhelming.

It's important to note that not all Bali beaches are suitable for swimming, making them less ideal for families with children.

If you're on the lookout for the best family-friendly beaches in Bali, this article will guide you. We will explore Bali's top beaches for families, taking into account factors such as safety, amenities, and activities tailored for families with younger kids.


Which is the Most Popular Family-friendly beach on the Island of Bali?

Determining the absolute most popular family beach in Bali is tricky since there aren't specific statistics for that. However, among all the family-friendly beaches listed, Kuta Beach stands out as the overall favourite in Bali.

Kuta Beach is like a tourist magnet, bustling with surfers and sunbathers. But don't worry, if you're looking for family-friendly options, there are other beaches in Bali worth exploring. Some of them even come with the bonus of delicious food options for you to enjoy.


Criteria For Determining Best Bali Beaches for Children

To address the questions mentioned earlier, we've compiled an article highlighting the best family-friendly beaches in Bali.

We aim to help you navigate through these considerations. We have established four criteria to determine the top beaches in Bali suitable for families and children.

Firstly, all the Bali beaches on our list boast beautiful sand. This ensures a picturesque and enjoyable environment for families and it looks good not only in the photos.

Secondly, the waves at these beaches are safe for children to swim in. Safety is a top priority, and these selected beaches provide a secure space for kids to enjoy the water.

Thirdly, the beach attractions we've chosen are located in the area of Bali. This region is known for its fantastic beach destinations, offering a variety of family-friendly experiences.

Lastly, easy access from the vehicle parking lot to the beach is a key consideration. The proximity of parking to the shoreline ensures that your children won't have to walk a considerable distance, making the experience more convenient and enjoyable for families.

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Best Family-Friendly Beach in Bali You Can Visit for Free

Bali Beach that Family Friendly

1. Mengiat Beach Nusa Dua

Mengiat Beach in Nusa Dua is an ideal holiday spot for families, especially those with children. The beach stands out with its yellowish-white sand that has a soft and gentle texture.

What's noteworthy is the gradual slope of the coastline and the impeccable cleanliness of Mengiat Beach, making it arguably the cleanest beach on Bali island.

The sea waters at Mengiat Beach are exceptionally calm and shallow, creating a safe environment for children to swim.

It's an excellent choice for those seeking Bali's best beaches for swimming, especially for beginners.

Close to Mengiat Beach is the Bali Collection shopping mall, offering a convenient post-beach visit activity for families in Nusa Dua.

Moreover, Mengiat Beach is conveniently located near the Nusa Dua Water Blow attractions and Geger Beach, providing additional options for exploration and enjoyment during your stay in Bali.


2. Legian Beach

Legian Beach, situated just north of Kuta Beach, provides a slightly calmer and more relaxed atmosphere, making it a preferred choice for families.

It's an excellent spot for families with older children interested in trying out surfing.

The beach also features numerous shops and restaurants in the surrounding area, making it an ideal place to spend the day.

You can easily find affordable options for lunch, drinks, and ice creams, enhancing the overall family experience.


3. Jimbaran Beach

Visiting Bali with children wouldn't be complete without experiencing the beauty of Jimbaran Beach.

Situated on the west coast, close enough to the airport but not too far, Jimbaran Beach is a convenient destination, especially if you're travelling with young kids.

Known for its stunning sunsets and seafood restaurants, Jimbaran Beach is particularly family-friendly.

The beach is perfect for families with older children who enjoy water activities such as surfing and parasailing.

Jimbaran Beach boasts a long stretch with a gently sloping coastline, making it an ideal playground for children.

The sand on Jimbaran Beach has a pleasant yellow-white hue, and the sea waves are very calm, creating a perfect environment for children to swim.

If you're seeking a quieter escape from the crowds and hustle of Kuta and Seminyak, Jimbaran Bay is the ideal place to be in Bali with your kids.


4. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach stretches for 5 kilometres, featuring a sandy shore that's partially clean and reasonably well-kept. Known as a tourist magnet, Kuta Beach is constantly bustling with surfers and sunbathers.

While the beach is suitable for playing in the sand, it's not always recommended for swimming due to occasional high waves and strong currents.

Close to Kuta, you'll discover Legian Beach, just north of Kuta Beach. Legian Beach offers a slightly quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, providing an alternative for those seeking a calmer experience.

Indeed, there are plenty of beach options in the vicinity of Kuta for you and your family to explore and enjoy.


5. Tanjung Benoa Beach

Tanjung Benoa Beach, situated north of Bali's Nusa Dua area, is renowned for its serene waters and sandy shores, making it an ideal destination for a family vacation in Bali. But what makes Tanjung Benoa Beach particularly suitable for children?

The shoreline of Tanjung Benoa Beach is not only very long but also gently sloping, providing a spacious and gradual entry into the water.

Moreover, the beach is consistently well-maintained, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment.

The waves at Tanjung Benoa are extremely calm, making it a safe space for families. However, it's important to note that the sea depth is slightly deeper. Many travellers consider Tanjung Benoa Beach the best in Bali for water sports activities, especially for beginners.

It's also an excellent choice for children, offering various activities such as banana boat rides, glass-bottom boat tours to Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island, and snorkelling adventures at Tanjung Benoa.

These family-friendly water activities contribute to Tanjung Benoa's reputation as an ideal spot for a memorable and enjoyable holiday with children in Bali.

6. Pantai Batu Belig Beach

Batu Belig Beach is situated on the west coast of Bali, nestled between Seminyak and Canggu. Unlike Seminyak Beach or Kuta Beach, Batu Belig Beach is less crowded, making it a great option for families.

While there's no entrance fee, a small parking fee may be charged by the locals. Many travellers choose to visit independently, although some join beach and bar-hopping tours.

This beach is family-friendly, offering a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the bustling Seminyak and Kuta Beaches.

It has become a popular choice for families, and the beach bar scene tends to attract an older crowd. Additionally, the area is home to some fantastic restaurants that you shouldn't miss out on.

So, whether you're looking for a peaceful family day by the sea or a spot with good dining options, Batu Belig Beach has something to offer for everyone.

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The Best Restaurant You Can Visit While Visiting Batu Belig Beach

Best Restaurant in Bali

After doing various activities on the beach with the family, it's time to relax and enjoy the setting sun while eating delicious food. On Batu Belig Beach itself, we recommend that you and your family relax at Oyster Dealer Beach Haus Bali.

Located at Jl Pantai Batu Belig No. 14, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, our restaurant is conveniently close to Seminyak beaches.

It provides the perfect spot to enjoy delicious seafood while taking in the beauty of Seminyak. Our menu is a delightful feast, offering a variety of dishes like The Dealer’s Shoyu Pasta, Sleeper Prawn, Shrimp Roedjak, Balinese Inspired Fried Rice, Seared Barramundi, Ceviche, Tiger Prawn Alla Busara, Crusted Salmon, White Snapper, and Ginger Tuna Tataki. This promises to be a unique dining experience you won't find elsewhere in Bali.

And let's not forget about our oysters! We serve a selection including Pacific Oysters, Pacific Japanese Oysters, European French Oysters, Olympia Australia Oysters, Atlantic Oysters, and Kumamoto Oysters.

Come and enjoy a culinary adventure at our restaurant, where the menu is a treat for seafood enthusiasts looking for something special in Bali. Plus, we've got you covered on the beverage front with Champagne, Wine, Cocktails, and Mocktails to perfectly complement your seafood feast.

Excited about what we have to offer? Visit our page to learn more about Oyster Dealer Beach Haus.

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