December 25, 2023

Our Recommendation For Classic Cocktails Bali Bars For You to Try

Bali is renowned for its picturesque beaches, breathtaking scenery, and delightful cocktails. Whether you're into cutting-edge theatrical mixes or prefer a touch of nostalgia in a classy setting, Bali caters to all tastes for the discerning cocktail enthusiast.

Key Takeaways

  • This tropical paradise also boasts a thriving cocktail culture, offering options for those who enjoy their drinks.
  • Oyster Dealer Beach Haus is one of the best cocktail bars in Bali with a view of the Indian Ocean at sunset.

In today's world of cocktails, there are plenty of fantastic drinks to choose from. However, some of the absolute best cocktails were crafted over a hundred years ago. These timeless classics have endured the challenges of time, survived Prohibition, and witnessed remarkable changes in the alcohol used to make them.


The finest classic cocktails include those beloved favourites that have delighted the taste buds of countless generations of drinkers. While everyone has their preferences when it comes to cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, certain classic cocktails have truly stood the test of time. These classics continue to be among the most popular choices ordered at bars all around the world, especially in Bali, even today.

Recommendation Cocktails Bali Bars

To help you make the most of your time in Bali, we've put together a list of classic cocktails you must try. Additionally, we've provided recommendations for bars where you can savour your cocktail, ensuring a satisfying experience for your discerning palate and a memorable evening on the island.


Why You Should Try to Drink Cocktails in Bali

Bali is most famous for its stunning sunsets and beaches, the nightlife scene is equally vibrant with numerous nightclubs and enticing promotions like happy hours and ladies' night specials. This tropical paradise also boasts a thriving cocktail culture, offering options for those who enjoy their drinks without too many bubbles or wine. Whether you prefer to sip slowly or indulge more adventurously with experimental mixology, Bali has a variety of choices. From bars and luxurious lounges to hidden speakeasies, there's something for every night owl seeking to enjoy a cocktail or two, or perhaps a few more.


What Is the Legal Age for Drinking in Bali

To start, it's crucial to know the legal drinking age in Bali. In Indonesia, the legal age for drinking alcohol is 21 years old, but how strictly this law is enforced can differ depending on the location. The influence of tourism has had a notable effect on how readily available and consumed alcohol is in Bali. To be on the safe side, always have identification with you when buying alcohol, as some places might ask for proof of your age. Now, let's explore the accessibility and prices of alcohol in Bali, empowering you to make informed choices during your time on this enchanting island.


How Much You Should Pay for Alcohol Beverages in Bali

The prices of alcohol in Bali can vary, taking into account factors such as the type of drink, where you are, and the brand. Local beer is generally the most budget-friendly, costing between USD$1.50 and $4 per bottle or can, while local microbrews may be on the higher side. If you're into imported beer, be prepared to spend around USD 6 to $8 per bottle. For wine lovers, local wine typically costs about USD 3 to $5 per glass, while imported wine falls in the range of USD 5 to $10 per glass. Cocktails and spirits come in at USD 6 to $10 per glass.

If you're looking for more affordable options, consider checking out pop-up beach bars for a relaxed setting to enjoy drinks, especially during sunset. Throughout the week, you can discover places offering drink specials and happy hours at bars, providing discounts on beer, cocktails, spirits, and even local specialties. It's a great way to enjoy your time without breaking the bank.


What Is Our Classic Cocktail Recommendation on the Island of Bali?

Whether you're a devoted cocktail enthusiast or someone who just enjoys a good drink now and then, we've compiled a list of classic cocktails that we believe you should give a try, especially during your time in Bali.

Classic Cocktail Recommendation

Dry Martini

When it comes to sophisticated drinks, the martini is often the first cocktail that comes to mind for many people. Although various upscale drinks are sometimes labelled as "martinis," there's only one original martini.

The classic dry gin martini is made with just two main ingredients: gin and dry vermouth. It might include a dash of bitters and is typically garnished with either an olive or a twist of lemon. It's a straightforward concoction, yet it brings pure delight, making it a must-try on any drinker's cocktail adventure.


Manhattan Cocktail

Just as the martini is synonymous with gin, the Manhattan is the go-to cocktail for whiskey enthusiasts. However, there's a twist in this drink – you'll be using sweet vermouth instead of the dry one. Whiskey is a diverse category of spirits, and each type you use adds a unique touch to the drink.

The classic Manhattan cocktails has stood the test of time, surviving numerous trends and even the era of Prohibition. Today, it's hailed as one of the greatest cocktails ever created.

Over the years, various types of whiskey have been mixed into Manhattans. Rye whiskey was the traditional choice, but it lost popularity for a significant part of the 20th century. Canadian whisky and bourbon stepped in during those years, and the recent resurgence of rye brings back the taste of the original Manhattan.


Old-Fashioned Cocktail

The old-fashioned is a simple yet fantastic cocktail that offers a wonderful way to discover various whiskies. This drink also serves as an introduction to the bartending technique of muddling and focuses more on the process than the ingredients.

Radiating an air of class and sophistication, the Old Fashioned cocktails stands the test of time, remaining just as beloved today as it was over 200 years ago. By blending Bourbon Whiskey with bitters, sugar, and a splash of water, this cocktail achieves a rich and delightful flavour.


The Daiquiri

When you picture a Daiquiri, you might imagine sunny skies over sandy Cuban beaches. While it may seem like the ideal cocktail for a tropical getaway, the Daiquiri is the most popular rum drink ordered in pubs and bars worldwide.

Even with numerous variations available today, the classic Daiquiri remains a top choice and is perfect for any occasion. Its original recipe calls for just three ingredients: rum, citrus juice, and sugar, creating that fresh and delightful flavour we all love. Typically topped with a lime slice, Daiquiri stands out as one of the most well-balanced cocktails and provides an excellent way to try out a new rum.


Sidecar Cocktail

If you take a look at old-school bartending guides, you'll find that sour drinks were quite the trend in the past. These were uncomplicated blends that nailed the ideal mix of sweet and sour flavours.

One of the most renowned sour cocktails is the sidecar. A classic made with brandy, some folks opt for whiskey instead. This drink may have originated during World War I, and you can think of it as a brandy version of the margarita.


Jack Rose Cocktail

This particular drink may not be as familiar to many today compared to other options. However, its creator believed that if apple brandy had been aged longer, it could have been just as popular as grape brandy. Unfortunately, this vision didn't come true because the quality of most apple brandy declined over the decades.

The jack rose, essentially a pink sidecar, uses applejack and grenadine for sweetness. To find a good apple brandy nowadays, the key is to look for genuine brandy distilled from apples. Be cautious with cheaper options, as they are often sweetened and more like liqueurs.


The Margarita

Being the most ordered cocktail globally, the classic Margarita has consistently been one of the best and most favourite in Bali for years and continues to hold its top spot. The original recipe is much simpler than many of its modern versions, and you don't even need to bring out the blender.

The traditional Margarita is served up, made with just tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. For a refreshing twist on the Margarita, perfect for the summer months and highlighting the true flavour of tequila, consider this simple and classic version.


Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The cosmopolitan, or cosmo, gained widespread popularity in the '90s, thanks to the TV show Sex and the City. However, this stylish variation of the martini remains just as delicious today as when Carrie Bradshaw brought it into the limelight.

Made by mixing vodka, Cointreau, and cranberry juice, and usually served in a martini glass, the Cosmo is the go-to cocktail for many chic individuals. Created in the 1980s by Cheryl Cook, known as The Martini Queen of South Beach, the Cosmo was crafted with an appealing aesthetic to attract a broader female audience. This modern classic has become incredibly popular worldwide and can be easily elevated by adding a splash of champagne for an extra touch of glamour.


Negroni Cocktail

A regular feature on many menus and a classic from Italy, the Negroni is bold, bittersweet, and the perfect pre-dinner aperitif. Interestingly, many Italians insist it's fitting for any time of the day! This timeless drink has been enjoyed for over a century, making its debut in Florence, Italy, in 1919.

Made by combining equal parts of gin, vermouth, and Campari, the Negroni is an iconic cocktail that never goes out of style. Served over ice and garnished with a slice of orange, it's easy to understand why it's not just a favourite in Italy but also globally.


Espresso Martini's

A beloved classic in mixology, the Espresso Martini stands out as the go-to caffeinated cocktail for coffee enthusiasts everywhere. This sophisticated blend of vodka and coffee liqueur creates a rich, robust, and distinct flavour, ensuring its status as a legendary concoction for years to come.

The Espresso Martini was brought to life by bartender Dick Bradsell, renowned for revitalising the cocktail scene in London. In the 1980s, at either Fred’s Club or the Soho Brasserie (depending on who you ask), a model asked Bradsell for a drink that would both wake her up and add a spark to her evening. Bradsell mixed vodka with espresso from the bar's coffee machine and named it the Vodka Espresso. Despite several name changes over the years, the iconic combination of ingredients has remained the same.


Mimosa Cocktail

Have you ever been to a lively brunch that didn't feature mimosas? The mimosa may be one of the simplest cocktails, but it's also one of the most beloved.

In recent years, the unassuming mimosa has become increasingly popular. Typically served in a champagne flute during brunch, weddings, or even in first class on certain airlines, the Mimosa requires just two ingredients: champagne and chilled orange juice.


Whiskey Sour Cocktail

Arguably the most refreshing whiskey cocktail, the whiskey sour is a classic and reliable favourite. It's said that sailors in the British Navy used to enjoy a concoction similar to the whiskey sour when water was in short supply.

Whiskey Sour has a straightforward recipe that is just as easy and invigorating as any other cocktail. Similar to the sidecar, it incorporates lemon for that tangy kick, but this version opts for simple syrup instead of an orange liqueur as the sweetener.

The whiskey sour provides the perfect platform for showcasing your favourite whiskey and is an excellent way to explore new brands. If you're looking to add a luxurious texture, consider shaking an egg white into the mix.


Mojito Cocktail

If you're a fan of rum, grab your muddler and whip up a delightful mojito. This classic drink, originating in Cuba, is known as one of the oldest alcoholic beverages around. Filled with mint and lime, it's the ideal refreshment for enjoying by the pool or at the beach.

The mojito is a breeze to make, and everyone likes to add their touch to it. However you choose to prepare it, it's tough to resist the alluring blend of muddled lime and mint on a hot summer day.


Brandy Cocktails

The brandy cocktail serves as a prime example of the earliest cocktails. Back in 1806, "The Balance and Columbian Repository" defined a cocktail as “...a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters.”

In the early days of the bar scene, when you ordered a "cocktail," you specified the spirit you desired like a brandy cocktail, whiskey cocktail, or gin cocktail. These cocktails followed a basic recipe using liquor, orange liqueur, and bitters. The brandy cocktail, in particular, offers a delightful introduction to this timeless concoction.




French 75 Champagne Cocktail

In one of the most well-known Champagne cocktails, you'll find subtle hints of sour notes. This particular recipe was influenced by the French military and later brought back by American servicemen after World War I.

The French 75 is both delightful and uncomplicated. The recipe involves a mix of gin, simple syrup, and lemon juice to create a classic sour foundation. However, it's when the sparkling wine is added to this blend that things truly start to sparkle.


Bronx Cocktails


Pina Colada Cocktail

The Pina Colada, a blended cocktail, is crafted from coconut cream, pineapple juice, and white rum. This tropical delight is a favourite, often adorned with pineapple slices or cherries and generously served over crushed ice. Typically, it's presented in a hurricane glass, shaped like a vase.

The term "Pina Colada" comes from Spanish, referring to strained pineapple or its juice, a key ingredient in this delightful drink. Its sweet and creamy texture contributes to its widespread popularity. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for keeping cool in the summer and providing relief from the heat.


Bloody Mary Cocktail

The Bloody Mary stands out as one of the world's most well-known cocktails, highly valued for its ability to kickstart even the sleepiest mornings. Crafting a Bloody Mary from scratch is simple, requiring vodka, tomato juice, and a few other basic ingredients. The spicy, salty, and savoury flavour of this classic cocktail makes it an ideal choice for brunch or other afternoon get-togethers.

With endless variations available, the Bloody Mary's enduring popularity is beyond dispute. It serves as a liquor-infused, nutritious breakfast and a hangover remedy, all neatly packed in a red cocktail. Notably, it's one of the few cocktails socially acceptable to sip first thing in the morning.

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Where Are The Perfect and the Best Cocktail Bars in Bali to Enjoy Cocktails?

Oyster Dealer Beach Haus

Bali offers a variety of bars where you can enjoy a cocktail. However, finding the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail in Bali is no easy feat.

Imagine having a cocktail on the beach while eating oysters and enjoying the sunset on the beach in Bali. That's all you can get at Oyster Dealer Beach Haus. It is one of the best cocktail bars in Bali with the best view of the Indian Ocean at sunset.

Located in Jl Pantai Batu Belig No. 14, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, this spot is conveniently close to Seminyak beaches. It provides an ideal setting for you to relish your cocktail while soaking in the stunning beauty of Seminyak beaches, just a short distance away.

Oyster Dealer Beach Haus offers a variety of cocktails you can try, which is great if one is not enough for you. From Negroni, Old-Fashioned, Whisky Sour, Pina Colada, Margarita, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, and even the classic Mojito. Also, you can try our signature cocktails of ours, such as Tropical Sangria, Bli Negroni, and the Classing Sangria.


Excited about what we have to offer? Visit our page to learn more about Oyster Dealer Beach Haus.

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