May 28, 2024

Guide to Record Bar and Where is the Best Record Bar in Jakarta

Best Record Bar in Jakarta

Record bar, or listening bar, becomes popular nowadays among the bar-goers. We always know that when you go into a bar, you will expect to sip a good cocktail or wine, accompanied by live music or the DJs.

Best Record Bar in Jakarta

Key Takeaways

  • Record bar is a place where you can enjoy your food, or drink, while listening to the collections of vinyl that the bar provides.
  • According to New York Eater report, record bars have a more mature and slowed down atmosphere if you compare it to a normal bar or club.
  • Record bars are popular because of their curated musical selections, combined with the rise of curation and connoisseurship movement for music.

But the record bar is different. Here, you will be greeted by hundreds of vinyl records that you can try to listen to while sipping your favorite drink. You can meet these record bars in big cities such as Jakarta or Bandung. With the concept coming straight from Japan, this kind of place will bring you a great time when you visit.

As an expert on record bars, we're here to guide you to understand what a record bar is and why you should visit ones. Forget your ordinary music store and let's dive into the world of record bars.

What is Record Bar?

Record bar, listening bar, vinyl bar, or anything you can call it, is a place where you can enjoy your food, or drink, while listening to the collections of vinyl that the bar provides.

This record bar will bring you a calm atmosphere, in contrast with your usual live music bar, this kind of bar brings different intimate experiences between you and the music of your choice.

If you're an audiophile or love high-quality music experience, a record bar can be your favorite place to hang out with your friends or to experience the music by yourself.

Even though it's currently popular as a new hangout spot, the record bar has a long history behind.

According to the Arpeggio Music Newsletter in 2020, the record bar or listening bar concept originally came from Japan and is close to Japanese culture.

Back in the 1950s, record bar or also known as a HiFi bar, was a place where they combined Japanese-styled tea-drinking shops with turntables to listen to music.

The original idea is simple: come to the bar, talk less, and listen to the music more. The record bar provides space where people can listen, experience, and appreciate the music. In a record bar, you are encouraged to socialize less and listen more to the music in a calm atmosphere.

This kind of bar will prioritize the sound quality instead of the menu. That's why to accommodate that, the record bar provides expansive vinyl collections with cocktails or food that fits better with their music collection.

Furthermore, record bars tend to have speakers with superior sound quality to improve their experience. Additionally, the vibes are kinda relaxed rather than the work-from-cafe vibe or party-vibe. The place also appreciates the music by providing high quality audiophile gear to make music sounds better for the attendance.

Why Record Bar Becomes Popular?

popularity of record bar

So, why are these record bars or listening bars becoming popular today? As an expert on record bar, we're dive in to research on why these bars are popular.

According to New York Eater report, record bars have a more mature and slowed down atmosphere if you compare it to a normal bar or club. This is because the record bar applied a more relaxed and laid-back vibe to focus more on appreciating the music.

In addition, the rise of the record bar was also caused by the rise of curation and the connoisseurship movement for music. This kind of people see music not just as a form of entertainment but also as a part of artwork.

Record bar also offers an intimate experience and atmosphere. With a small and cozy place, a record bar brings some intimacy with a detail-oriented acoustic space that enhances the experience. Supported with the sense of belonging between the community members.

Furthermore, record bars are popular because of their curated musical selections. They pride themselves for their curated collections. Usually, a record bar could gather some rare or valuable vinyl records. This collection itself is diverse from genres, artists, and eras. Sometimes, each bar has their own favorite records that match with their ambience or menus.

According to Jessie A, Creative Director of Figure in an interview, the record bar is able to harmonize mixology with music perfectly. With curated music and diverse choice of cocktail, record bar, such as Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar, able to offer differents experience. 

What is the Best Record Bar in Jakarta, Indonesia?

From here, maybe you're interested to visit the record bar. We understand that you want to appreciate the music or enjoy it with a nice cocktail. But maybe you don't know what is the best record bar in Jakarta that you could visit.

As a local Jakartans and as a vinyl collector, we recommend you to visit our space in Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar. Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar located at A3000 Creative Compound Kemang, Jakarta.

In this bar, you can enjoy hundreds of curated music from time to time, blended with a home-made local mix of cocktails that will satisfy your taste buds each sip.

Inspired by record bars in Japan, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar offer an intimate and calm atmosphere. This vibe combined with a high quality turntable and sound speaker will be a great experience for music enthusiasts and audiophiles.

We also recommend you to try signature cocktails from this bar, which is Sandhora, Trio Ambisi, Gang Kelinci, Dear Daniel, Dialog Dini Hari, and Jam Pukul Lima.

Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar also get near 5 stars on Google Maps. Visitors said that this is the best way to get a glass of cocktail with more chill and relaxed vibe. With the right music, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar got the best vibe in town.

With Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar, you will have a great memorable night in Jakarta. Make sure to visit Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar as your starting point to enter the world of record bar.

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