June 27, 2024

The Best Speakeasy Bar Jakarta: A Guide From Local Jakartans

Speakeasy Bar Recommendation in Jakarta

Speakeasy bars are popping up currently in Jakarta, it’s such a heaven for bar-hoppers to enjoy every speakeasy bar in Jakarta. Of course those bars are not hidden like they used to back then, but still giving the same ambience that you can feel.

Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar offers an exceptional speakeasy bar Jakarta experience. Their unique blend of meticulously crafted cocktails and a curated vinyl collection creates an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and innovative.

~Rifki Sofiyuddin~
Speakeasy Bar Recommendation in Jakarta

Key Takeaways

  • A speakeasy bar is a bar that is shrouded with secrecy, becoming a hidden place where selling and consuming alcohol is possible.
  • We recommend you to visit Foam Vinyl & Cocktail bar as your first speakeasy bar to visit in Jakarta.

But maybe you will be confused to find the best speakeasy bar in Jakarta. As we know, there are a lot of bars in Jakarta, but only a few of them will bring a different experience.

In fact, according to data-scraper company Smartscrapers, there are more than 500 bars in Jakarta itself. It’s a lot of numbers for a city like Jakarta

That’s why, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail bar is an expert on speakeasy bars and local Jakartans will guide you to find the best speakeasy bar Jakarta.

What Is Speakeasy Bar

According to Home Bars USA, a speakeasy bar is a bar that is shrouded with secrecy, becoming a hidden place where selling and consuming alcohol is possible.

Speakeasy bar itself was born at the time where alcohol was prohibited in the United States. This creates demand for alcohol beverages, creating hidden illegal bars that are called “speakeasies”.

The term “speakeasy” themself originated on the need for visitors to speak quietly when discussing the bar.

But nowadays, as people can find bars easily, you don’t need to worry to find a speakeasy bar. Moreover, they still have the vibes of a hidden bar that you will find back in prohibition era.

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Where is the Best Speakeasy Bar Jakarta?

the best speakeasy bar in Jakarta

So where is the best speakeasy bar in Jakarta? Here, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar will guide you through our recommendations.

This bar perfectly captures the essence of a true speakeasy with its intimate setting and high-quality music selection. It's a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of Jakarta's hidden bar scene.

~Rifki Sofiyuddin~

Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar

Our choice is Foam Vinyl & Cocktail bar. This is the first speakeasy bar you should visit in Jakarta. Located at A3000 Creative Compound, Kemang, Jakarta, this bar is a bit different from any other speakeasy bar you will meet.

In this bar, you can enjoy your favorite cocktail while listening to hundreds of curated high-quality vinyl. Inspired by record bars in Japan,  Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar offer an intimate and calm atmosphere. This vibe combined with a high quality turntable and sound speaker brings a whole new experience for visitors.

This bar also has their own home-made local mix of cocktails that will bring your taste bud to the sky for each sip. We love the cocktails in this bar because it brings a bit of nostalgia when you taste it.

We recommend you to try signature cocktails from this bar, which is Sandhora, Trio Ambisi, Gang Kelinci, Dear Daniel, Dialog Dini Hari, and Jam Pukul Lima.

With Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar, you will have a great memorable night in Jakarta. Make sure to visit Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar as your starting point to enter the world of speakeasy bar Jakarta.

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