June 26, 2024

Experience Vinyl Bar Jakarta for Your Weekend Hangout

Vinyl Bar Concept

The bar is always the best place to hang out. No matter who you bring, from your friends, partner, business acquaintance, or even yourself, bars are always the best choice to enjoy every relaxed moment.

Vinyl Bar Concept

Key Takeaways

  • We can define a vinyl bar as a place where people can enjoy their favorite spirits and listen to music in the form of vinyl.
  • The vinyl bar concept started in 1929 In Japan, they introduced the concept of the vinyl bar by bringing some American Jazz vinyl to Japan and providing it in a place called “Jazz Kissa”.
  • One of our vinyl bar recommendations that you should visit in Jakarta while hanging out on the weekend is Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar.

Vinyl bars like Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar offer a unique blend of expertly crafted cocktails and high-quality music. This combination creates an unparalleled atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment in the heart of Jakarta.

~Rifki Sofiyuddin~

In Jakarta, you can find as many bars as you walk down the street. Since it’s center of business, no wonder that the bar has become a melting pot of people from various backgrounds to enjoy the ambiance while drinking their favorite beverages.

More than that, Jakarta offers a wide range of conceptual bars that you can find, from pubs, beer gardens, taverns, live music bars, and even gastronomy bars.

But, did you know about vinyl bars? This kind of bar is popping up in several countries, such as Japan, the United States, Australia, and even Sao Paulo. Have you ever visited one?

Before you visit one of the vinyl bars we will talk about, as your friendly vinyl bar expert in Jakarta, we will guide you to discover what a vinyl bar is and where to vinyl bar Jakarta.

Discover the Concept of Vinyl Bar

We can define a vinyl bar as a place where people can enjoy their favorite spirits and listen to music in the form of vinyl. Through this concept, the patrons have the freedom to choose what they want to listen to from hundreds of curated vinyl that the bar has offered.

According to MLDspot, we can track the history of the vinyl bar back in 1929. In Japan, they introduced the concept of vinyl bars by bringing some American Jazz vinyl to Japan and providing it in a place called “Jazz Kissa”.

Ultimately, this concept was well-received in Japan. No wonder several bar owners in Japan developed their place with the concept of a vinyl bar. In this place, people can enjoy the music of their choice while hanging out and sipping their favorite liquors.

We can see the peak of vinyl bars in the 1950s to 1970s, where this concept popped up in Japan and spread its wings into the Western part of the world.

Right around the 2010s, vinyl bars started to show what they got in Indonesia. This sparks enthusiasm for people who want to appreciate the music by using high-quality turntables and sound speakers. That’s why you should try to visit a vinyl bar if you find one.

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Is There Any Vinyl Bar Jakarta?

Recommendation Vinyl Bar in Jakarta

Is there any vinyl bar in Jakarta? Yes! In fact, you can find a lot of them in Jakarta. In the city of Jakarta, where you will be greeted by the light nightlife and parties that never sleep in several clubs, you can find vinyl bars in this city.

The resurgence of vinyl bars in Jakarta, such as Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar, provides a haven for music lovers. The curated vinyl collection and intimate setting make it the perfect place to unwind and appreciate great music.

~Rifki Sofiyuddin~

Behind the bustling street of Jakarta, hides a vinyl bar that offers the patrons a unique journey through the world of vinyl, combined with mixology.

Vinyl bars have recently become a hit in Jakarta, where at least you can find these bars easily nowadays. Moreover, a vinyl bar offers something that every Jakartans wants: A bar where they are able to feel the slow living vibes in a laid back ambiance, accompanied by curated music. At the same time, the vinyl bar also offers the concept of enjoying cocktails and a wide range of dishes with mindfulness, so the patrons can feel the chill in the middle of Jakarta.

One of our vinyl bar recommendations that you should visit in Jakarta while hanging out on the weekend is Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar.

Located at A3000 Creative Compound, Jl. Kemang Raya No.8B, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar offers a more intimate experience, where you can enjoy hundreds of curated vinyl records in this place.

With the best turntable vinyl record and sound speaker quality, visitors at Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar will know what the true music experience sounds like. This makes everyone able to appreciate the music as we should

Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar has hundreds of carefully selected vinyl records, ranging from time to time, and every genre that you can listen to. This makes Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar a great place to gain deep knowledge about the history of music through the bar’s various collections of vinyl.

To bring the true experience of music, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar carefully designed the space to bring a more intimate, calm, and relaxed vibe, where you can find the tranquility that will bring a peaceful day and good vibes while you visit it.

Don’t worry, you will find good cocktails too in this place. As a bar, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar serves homemade specialty cocktails, where the bartender and mixologist use Indonesian spirits and ingredients to bring the journey of Indonesian taste to your taste bud.

No wonder that according to JPNN, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar are able to combine various elements of intimacy, warmth, tranquility, and joy that fit every music enthusiast and cocktail lover in the same place.

In this bar, we recommend you to try Djakarta Sour, a cocktail that uses traditional Indonesian red wine or Anggur Merah, mixed with whisky sour and some local herbal ingredients, bringing a more balance between sweet and sour taste.

We also recommend that you try Jam Pukul Lima. This is a coffee cocktail that uses Bulukumba coffee, Cap Tikus that is made from fresh sap of palm, mixed with banana extract, giving it a bold refreshing taste and fruity from the banana. This cocktail is served in a tin mug, where you can experience drinking like a local Indonesian.

Make sure to visit Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar to enjoy your favorite cocktail and listen to your favorite music.

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