June 26, 2024

What is a Vinyl Bar and Where is the Best Vinyl Bar Kemang

the Best Vinyl Bar in Kemang

We get it, you love bar-hopping, you love to visit every bar you saw and enjoy the drink inside, you love the ambience and the atmosphere of the bar. Sometimes, you love the music they play at the bar.

Vinyl bars like Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar in Kemang offer a unique experience that combines the best of both worlds—exquisite cocktails and high-quality music. This innovative concept is perfect for those seeking a more refined and intimate night out.

~Rifki Sofiyuddin~
the Best Vinyl Bar in Kemang

Key Takeaways

  • Vinyl bar is a kind of bar where you can enjoy your favorite food, drink, and spirits, while at the same time listening to the collections of curated vinyl that the bar offers.
  • In the vinyl bar, you will find hundreds of curated music that you can hear, a high quality sound system, and intimate vibes.

But, have you ever had the experience of visiting a listening bar or vinyl bar? First time hearing this kind of bar? Actually, a vinyl bar will bring you a whole new experience for your bar-hopping.

The good news is, you can find one of them in Jakarta, especially in Kemang. You will find a good vinyl bar to hang out and enjoy your favorite cocktail.

In this article, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar, your trusted and experienced bar guide in Jakarta, will guide you to understand more about vinyl bars and recommend you the best vinyl bar Kemang you can visit.

What is a Vinyl Bar

According to NY Eater, Vinyl bar is a kind of bar where you can enjoy your favorite food, drink, and spirits, while at the same time listening to the collections of curated vinyl that the bar offers.

Moreover, vinyl bars also provide some high quality turntable for the visitor to enjoy their collections of vinyl. This makes a vinyl bar a perfect place for an audiophile or someone who loves to experience high-quality music.

A vinyl bar invites you to more laid-back vibes with a calm atmosphere like in a speakeasy bar. You can hang out with your friend intimately while listening to the music of your choice. Furthermore, a vinyl bar is also the perfect place if you want to end your day after a busy week.

The original concept and idea of a vinyl bar was simple: Come to the bar, talk less, and listen to the music more. That’s why vinyl bars have become a space where people can listen, experience, and appreciate music.

This is the reason when you come to the vinyl bar, you will be greeted by the sound quality inside the bar instead of some live DJs. To accommodate that, the record bar provides expansive vinyl collections with cocktails or food that fits better with their music collection.

The vibes are kinda relaxed, providing the best audio gear to satisfy every vinyl record enjoyer. That’s why this bar is the best to visit when you want to have a special time on your own or with your friend.

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What Will You Find at Vinyl Bar

What Will You Find at Vinyl Bar

Because this is a unique concept bar, according to CBC, here are some things that you will find in a vinyl bar:

For audiophiles and music lovers, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar provides an unparalleled listening experience. The carefully curated vinyl collection and top-notch sound system create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere that's hard to find elsewhere.

~Rifki Sofiyuddin~

First, of course you will find a highly-curated music. Since it’s focused on giving experience for the visitor, they will have hundreds of curated music that you can hear. There are a wide variety of genres you can choose from, from classical, jazz, even classic rock. Some bars may even allow their visitor to bring their own vinyl.

When you know a bar has hundreds of curated vinyl, of course you will find a high quality sound system. Vinyl bars usually provide their visitors with high quality sound system gear, from turntable vinyl players, high-end speakers, even amplifiers and specifically designed interiors to bring the best listening experience.

Furthermore, you will also find a more intimate vibe in a vinyl bar rather than your usual bar. This bar creates a more intimate environment so you can experience and appreciate the music.

Of course you can also find some cocktails and snacks inside the vinyl bar. But, some of them offer truly hidden gems.

Where is the Best Vinyl Bar Kemang

If you want to find the best vinyl bar in Kemang, we recommend you to visit Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar. This bar is such a heaven for everyone who wants to explore hundreds of vinyl records, accompanied with the Indonesian taste of cocktails.

Located at A3000 Creative Compound, Jl. Kemang Raya No.8B, South Jakarta, this bar serves home-made local cocktails and a lot of other beverages that you can enjoy every sip. 

Moreover, this is the best vinyl bar in Jakarta, where you can enjoy your favorite cocktail while listening to hundreds of curated high-quality vinyl.

Inspired by record bars in Japan, Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar offer an intimate and calm atmosphere that brings you to the ambience of a speakeasy bar. This vibe combined with a high quality turntable and sound speaker will be a great experience for music enthusiasts.

If you want to try the cocktails, We recommend you to try signature cocktails from this bar, which is Sandhora, Trio Ambisi, Gang Kelinci, Djakarta Sour, Dialog Dini Hari, and Jam Pukul Lima.

When you step into this bar, you will see the harmony between music and cocktails in this speakeasy bar. With a calm atmosphere, refreshing cocktails, and high quality music, in the heart of Jakarta.

People love Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar so much. One even said that this bar is the best place to get a cocktail while enjoying some good music, bringing the best vibe in the town in a more relaxed ambience.

Make sure to visit Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar to enjoy your favorite cocktail.

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