May 30, 2024

Reasons Why You Should Try Vinyl Collection as a Hobby

the attraction of collecting vinyls

Nowadays, people are using streaming services, such as Spotify or Apple Music to listen to music. But deep down, there are a bunch of people who love listening to music using vinyl and turntables. Some of those even collect vinyls.

the attraction of collecting vinyls

Key Takeaways

  • Collecting record vinyl is recognized as psychologically relevant for the collectors.
  • vinyl records are known for their better sound quality, artworks, and value.

Have you ever tried collecting vinyl before? If not, don’t worry. In this article, we will deep dive into reasons why you should try collecting vinyl as your new hobby. As a vinyl bar, we will make you understand the beauty of this activity. So make sure to read the article!

Why Do People Collect Vinyls?

According to the research by Giles in 2006, collecting record vinyl is recognized as psychologically relevant for the collectors.

For people who collect vinyl, they understand vinyl as a sacred object because of how it gives different experiences while listening to the record. People also collect record vinyl because of the sense of belonging by the nostalgia that is given by the collection.

Reasons Why You Should Collecting Vinyl

1. Vinyl Sounds Good

According to Atlas Records, vinyl records are known for their better sound quality. This is because vinyl captures music as organic and rich as possible. This makes music sound better when you listen to it through vinyl.

Adam Gonsalves, an engineer from Telegraph Mastering adding that vinyl records are fully analog and fully lossless without the complications of digital conversion.

And as a vinyl bar, we agree with those statements. Its ability to reproduce frequencies and details makes the record sound organic and true. This will enhance the experience of listening to music.

Why We Should Collecting Vinyl

2. Vinyls are Artistic

Vinyls are also known for their artistic artwork. Artists put their best visual artwork on their vinyl’s sleeve. It contains pictures, lyrics, or other items that digital copy couldn’t replicate.

When you collect them, you can hang or put the vinyl sleeve on your wall or table.This will improve your decoration more artsy just by collecting vinyls.

3. Vinyl Could Work as an Investment

Some old records worth millions rupiah, especially the rare ones.

But don’t expect more from vinyl as your money-making machine. Just collect them the way you love them. But if you happen to have valuable and rare vinyl records, like some cult-classic records, you may find them easily when you want to sell them.

This is because other collectors appreciate the vinyl as a piece of art that digital copy couldn’t do. So, collecting vinyls can bring joy and you will get resale value.

What Place Every Vinyl Collector Should Visit?

If you want to start your vinyl collection, you may want to discover what will be your first vinyl record you want to collect. Finding a record store might be overwhelming. So, why don’t you try to stop at Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar?

Located at A3000 Creative Compound Kemang, Jakarta, you can hear a diverse range of vinyl collections that you can listen to while drinking cocktails. This makes Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar as a listening bar in Jakarta.

Make sure to visit Foam Vinyl & Cocktail Bar as your starting point for this hobby.

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