Attendance and Payroll Mobile Solutions

by @appsensi.id

Providing solutions to manage growing business through mobile presence solutions. Capitalizing on a massive change in people's work today from attendance, activity, employee management or even payroll

About Appsensi

About Appsensi

Earned Wage Access (EWA) can help employees meet their needs without loans and interest. With EWA, employees can get paid faster according to their working time.

The Flexible Salary Access feature helps employees in Indonesia to become more financially independent.

Make it easier to record employee attendance online and on mobile so that there is no manual attendance recording system anymore.

Appsensi provides a cost-effective solution without a machine by using a cloud-based employee attendance application. Employee attendance is easier anywhere and anytime. Equipped with the Live Tracking feature, HR can monitor employees to prevent attendance fraud.

Manage payroll anytime and anywhere. Integrated with employee attendance data, overtime and leave. The salary calculation becomes easier and safer by following the components and company rules.

Features that are the solution for your needs for automating paying employee salaries, calculating components such as: PPh 21, BPJS, and employee benefits more easily and safely.