Fresh Oyster at OD by Oyster Dealer, Now Available at SCBD

Fresh Oyster at OD by Oyster Dealer, Now Available at SCBD

Fans of oyster dishes in Jakarta can now easily get premium quality fresh oysters, both harvested in local and foreign waters. Following the success of their Oyster Dealer Bar outlet at Cove Batavia Pantai Indah Kapuk, 3000 Gastronomia is expanding their reach to oyster lovers in South Jakarta with their newest restaurant OD by Oyster Dealer at ASHTA District SCBD.

Oysters or oysters are a fresh meal that is rich in taste and texture. Generally served without cooking/grilling beforehand, oysters are known for their strong aphrodisiac powers. Eating fresh oysters is an extraordinary taste experience. In every bite, there is a fresh and luxurious taste typical of seafood.

Located in the heart of downtown Jakarta, OD by Oyster Dealer is perfect for pampering your taste buds while enjoying the moment in an exclusive yet relaxed atmosphere. Choose from comfortable indoor seating or trendy outdoor seating by the drinks bar. A private room is also available for private gatherings with your family or close friends.

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