Oyster Dealers serves high-quality local seafood that is easily available

Lets go give The Dealer a visit at PIK for some great Sip and Shuck.

This is the latest concept as part of the lifestyle group 3000 Group which is now based in Kemang, Oyster Dealer presents attractive offers for consumers in the Jabodetabek area at friendly prices. However, it is reported that they will also open their first oyster bar in Jakarta in September, at Pantai Indah Kapuk to be precise.

Oyster Dealer then appeared as many restaurants and culinary professionals increasingly focused on their specialties, such as BBQ pitmaster, noodle master, tea master or wine sommelier. So it feels right for them to focus on providing a supply of fresh oysters, namely through Oyster Dealers. Their supply is still trying to popularize local oysters, therefore they source high quality oysters directly from Lampung and Bali.

Oysters are a simple dish. If the quality is good, we don't need to add too many things when eating it. Known as seafood that is rich in taste, in one sip (or shuck), we can get sweet, salty, and savory flavors - the best summary of the wealth contained in the sea and land of Indonesia.

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