Show Art Through Figures by Figure at A3000 Kemang

Provoke the minds of visitors to discuss the complex relationship that humans have with their bodies

The Figures by Figure art exhibition will be held at A3000 Creative Compound Kemang, South Jakarta. This event calls for artists or creative enthusiasts to show their work. Presenting works of art from various backgrounds, this exhibition can be enjoyed by art enthusiasts from 24-30 June 2023.

The figure is a creative agency team based in Jakarta. As the name suggests, this exhibition event was born out of a figure's interest in artistic ideas, as well as the desire to create and explore themes of body image throughout history and culture, but not exclusively in graphic media and posters with friends in design and fine art. In this exhibition, various artistic interpretations that cross space and time will be presented.

Figures by Figure is inspired by the history of art and culture of the tapestry community in viewing and drawing the shape of the human body. This exhibition invites visitors to reflect on how gender roles, beauty standards, and existing social norms shape the concept of our body or physical form.

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