The future-oriented collective shares how they plan on sustaining the citys party scene

Mark the move and make a scene

Starting out with the multi-award-winning event organizer in 2008 named Tripo 3000, the group has now expanded into multiple lifestyle brands including Ding Dong Disko, section b and the pandemic-born A3000 Creative Compound. Their tagline ‘Future-Oriented Junk’ becomes the backbone of their existing and upcoming projects.

For those unfamiliar with the hustle and bustle of Jakarta’s nightlife throughout the years, it’s safe to say that Kemang has always been a go-to destination. Before the bars and clubs of “Senoparty” (nickname for the now-famous party street of Senopati), the South Jakarta neighborhood of Kemang had been teeming with music venues of all genres. Even until now, the nights come alive within the walls of Ding Dong Disko; the nightclub owned by 3000 Group infamous for its Friday “Space Trip” parties

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